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Deals are considered confirmed after both parties agree to meet up.

DO NOT back out after confirmation of deal, or you'll be blacklisted.

We prefer doing meetups.

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If meetup locations are not at our convenience, you'll have to pay an extra charge, depending on where the place is.

Bidding will commence if there is more than 1 interested buyer.

If an item's status is pending, it means that other interested buyers can still bid to get the item.


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Blacklisted #2
POH YING :yinggsterr@msn.com 81131511

im seriously SICK of this girl.

and to tell you guys the truth, i actually dealed with her before. she claimed she was interested in the zara offshoulder.

ok so i gave her measurements. but i was pretty sure could fit her actually. because i've seen her before.

ok then aft giving her, she doesn't reply to ANY of my messsages. and emailed me saying that she doesn't want anymore.

i was thinking, eh? it definately could fit her what. i smsed her, asking her WHY. she said she realised she didnt have enough money. oh so i told her that it was ok, i would reserve for her, until she had cash to pay me. :D

a few days pass. when i check the blog email, she emailed over asking about the white smocked tube. of course i was angry. she already promised to buy, yet, she is asking about another item IN OUR SHOP?

so i went to confront her. and she emailed me :

yes I still want the zara offshoulder. actually i wanted to get both of them when I've got money.

I'm not able to do meetup these few weeks as I'm too busy with cca and studies. Able to do meetup on mid april perhap?

haha this is mid march people. she wants me to wait for a MONTH to get 30$. i was still giving her a free belt somemore.

i replied : LOL. mid april is a looooooooong time.

today is like mid march? & i don't mind meeting you at your convenience once you have money, cause i reallyreally need it urgently.

where do you stay? & i can try to match yr timings too. lemme know quick

its like only 30$ w free belt. im making a huge loss here.

and she started saying that she wanted t back out and that i could blacklist her if i want, with a SMILEY FACE.

does she ever take things seriously? why is she such a irresponsible buyer? she is also a shop owner. why can't she put herself in my shoes?

i already got stolen of 60$. i need money for myself. i need to buy a new school shoe. does she understand?

just says that she wanna back out, and i could blacklist her if i wanted like that?

to all blogshop owners, be careful of this girl. i've been wasting my smses for nothing on her. ive been amiable but all i got back was sarcasm. and im sick of it.

I've met with quite a couple of girls who backed out from their deals, but I was being nice so I didn't blacklist them. I've always felt that I should forgive, and forget.

But this time, I won't. I feel that there is DEFINITELY a need for me to BLACKLIST this terrible girl and take this chance to warn other blog sellers out there about her.

Blacklisted #1
HEBE CHEN :polkastripes@yahoo.com.sg

She emailed T.O.R. saying she was interested in A LOT of stuff, Like our imported blue spag, our OP skirt, our PMK military mini, our pink shoulder bag etc. She told us her offer for the items, and the prices she offered were practically HALF of the stated price. We then told her that our prices are already very low, and that we cannot give her too much of a discount. So Hebe Chen went on to beg us terribly, saying that she just spent $100+ on online shopping and couldn't spare more money.

She asked and asked and asked and asked and asked about our items, bugging us with thousands of her questions. ( I still have 20+ of her emails in my inbox, for your information. And mind you, her questions were not proper questions like for measurements, for size or stuff like that.)

We're usually glad to answer anyone's queries, but this girl has been such a FUSSY buyer. She claimed that she has been quite disappointed with the stuff she bought lately, because they're not that nice as they appear on blogs. Thus we reassured her that our items are really pretty and in 100% tiptop condition.

After bombarding us with thousands of questions, she finally settled down and made her choice. Among the many items she asked about, she chose to buy our imported blue spag. So I was like "Oh great. The blue spag it is then. (: " We went on to confirm the price of the spag, and the meetup location. Tada, I happily thought I managed to clinch a deal.

Nah, I was too silly. This girl emailed me a day ago to tell me that her parents don't allow her to meetup at the location we already agreed on. I said "Okay, but you'll have to pay me like maybe $1 to go all the way to harbourfront, since I live in boonlay " Her excuse was "Sorry, my parents only give me the exact money for the spag. Can't pay extra. Sorry. "

I could have scolded her because we ALREADY AGREED ON the meetup location, but I was nice and didn't. In the end, she started asking me about the size of the spag and measurements. As I lost my measuring tape, I couldn't provide her with the measurements but told her It will definitely fit her since She's an S size. She was ATROCIOUS in replying " If cannot give measurements, I won't buy. Sorry.. "

So there. She just backed out from the deal like that. HEY GIRL, if you are not sure whether you can fit into the item, DON'T CONFIRM THE DEAL OKAY? I spent so so so much time and effort clinching this deal with you and now you backed out with this stupid excuse. It really doesn't make any sense.

and when she speaks

Friday, October 19, 2007

please visit :

www.torntinsel.livejournal.com for updates thanks!

10:12 PM;;

Monday, May 14, 2007

Looking for:
- smocked tube dresses/tops
-blue or green slogan tees
- necklaces like these (70cm long or around there):

- vests of any kind:

Credits to entwinedestines

- Shifts/minidresses or anytg similar:


Smocked Yellow tube
perfect to hit the beaches with :D!

Selling for 12bucks


1:22 AM;;

Thursday, November 02, 2006

brown glitter bag, unused.
super nice & chic, glam enough for orchard!
the designs are shown in the pictures above.
leopard design in the inside of the bag.
selling at 30.
no trades unless im interested in your items,
price can be nego a little.

3:23 AM;;